10 pack of Multimammates 20-39g
Mice are an excellent frozen reptile food and form the staple diet of most small to medium snakes. ‣ Raised on high-quality diets‣ Packed in dry ice‣ Favoured by snakes and larger lizards‣ Available in two sizes All Multimammates are...
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Arcadia 2nd Generation Mini D3 UV Basking Lamp
High performance lamp providing UV-B UV-A, Visible light and heat from a single source. The D3 basking lamp is an ideal all-in-one lamp fro providing heat, light and. UV.
from £35.87
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Arcadia Ceramic Heater Bulb
The Arcadia Reptile 'Ceramic Heat Lamp' produces and projects high quality deep 'Infra-Red' heat far into an enclosure.being a natural source of heat Infra-Red is readily used and can help to further stimulate natural biological function. Being Infra-Red these lamps...
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Arcadia Clamp Lamp
The Arcadia clamp lamp is an easy to use all in one bulb holder, It comes with everything you will need right down to a guard with safety in mind, the holder will holder most E26 and. E27 screw lamps,...
from £21.25
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Arcadia Floodlight
Great value basking bulb that provides ambient heat to an enclosure as a wide flood source, Includes UVA to aid wellbeing and colour vision, Increases ambient temperatures. E27 Screwfit bulb, avaliable in 4 strengths. We always recommend that you use the...
from £3.14
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Arcadia Spot Light
Great Value Basking bulb that provides a tight focused beam that will allow for intense heat provision, includes UVA to aid well-being and colour vision, increases ambient temperatures as well as having the focused beam fro basking. E27 Screw fit...
from £3.14
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